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Hunting The High Low Country

New Mexico private big game hunting

Hunting in the High Low Country

“The ranch” is roughly 15,000 acres in size.It is all private and located in NM game unit 58. The north side of the ranch is 1200 acres of irrigated alfalfa and grass hay. “The farm” tends to be the greenest place for miles and keeps the resident herd (150-200 head) within a days walk of it most of the time.

Elevations range from 5700' to about 7500' with steep, rocky and forested terrain mixed with high mesas and high prairie grasslands. "The Ranch" is located due north of the town of Des Moines, NM by about 10 miles. “The farm” is easy to pick out on google earth by the crop circles made from the center pivot sprinklers. This is the north end of the ranch and is about 17 miles due north of Des Moines, the rest of the ranch is to the south.

Meals are excellent, always a treat and prepared here by Amanda.

We take a very limited number of hunters each year so we are able to keep groups separate and let you have the bunk house and ranch to yourselves for the week.

2011 Antelope, deer, mt. lion, bear and elk hunts from nm-hunting outfitters

We offer:

  • Turkey Hunts
    • Spring/Fall
    • Shotgun
    • Archery
  • Antelope Hunts
    • Rifle
    • Archery
  • Bull Elk Hunts
    • Rifle
    • Archery
  • Cow Elk Hunts
    • Rifle
  • Buck Mule Deer Hunts
    • Rifle
    • Muzzleloader
  • Mountain Lion Hunts
    • With Hounds
  • Black Bear Hunts
    • Rifle
    • Archery









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